Are Bats Blind?

We have all heard the saying before. When someone cannot see particularly well we all say, “They are as blind as a bat.” The problem with this saying is that Colorado Springs bats are really not blinded all. There are over 1100 different species of bats and not one of them is blind. This will make many wonder why such a saying would ever become true or be talked about as true.

While Colorado bats are not blind they do not secret a truly well. In fact of bats eye sight is actually not very good at all. However, it is no worse than many other nocturnal animals that we can think of that we do not consider to be blind. The opossum or mole are good examples of the animals that do not have particularly good eyesight however, no one refers to them as blind. You don't hear someone say, “They are as blind as a mole.” So why then are bats called blind when other animals are not? That is a good question, which really has more to do with their sense of hearing than with their sense of sight.

Let's start with this; a Colorado Springs bat does not see particularly well this is why they are nocturnal animals. This is why they like to hunt and do things at night. The playing field, so to speak, is it will for them because other Colorado animals will also find it difficult to see at night time. This makes it difficult for predators of the bat to locate these animals. Thus they have a better chance of survival at night time.

Where the Colorado bat has great success is true is a very sophisticated sonar like hearing system. This is referred to echolocation. The echolocation system allows bats to be able to detect an area, including where it may find its prey, by sending out a sonar like signal that returns back to it to tell it where obstacles, predators, or food may be found. It is a very sophisticated system that allows bats to have a great advantage at night. The problem comes when that echolocation is somehow banished in some way or another. When this occurs a Colorado Springs bat is more likely to collide with objects because it simply cannot see it, and the echolocation did not give it any warning that something was in front of it. This gives the impression but the back is blind because Iran into a building or other structure. The truth is when you're flying at rather quickly and don't see something until you're right on top of it you would crash into it as well.

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