Colorado Springs Wildlife and Animal Removal

Garden Destroyers

There are a number of Colorado Springs animals that may find your garden attractive. These animals typically see a garden as a readily available food source that they are more than happy to take advantage of. This means that animals can be quite destructive to gardens, which can be incredibly frustrating and disheartening to the gardener. It is important to know which animals are known to destroy gardens so that you can prepare a prevention plan. This article will give you a few examples of the Colorado animals you will need to look out for and the damage they can be expected to cause.

When Colorado Springs gophers tunnel the soil, they can eat the plants and the roots together with the vegetation that is above the ground. When the gophers tunnel within the underground network, they can pull with them the plants in the tunnel under the surface of the soil. Voles are voracious eaters and they can eat the roots of the plants and the grass. The voles may pluck the seed out and can eat rhizomes and bulbs that you have planted in the summer or springs. They can even peel the bark off a tree when they are too hungry. The Colorado voles may create surface tunnels within the landscape, and you can see the network of tunnels around the surface or the ground.

Chipmunks may dig up flower bulbs, seeds and the seedlings within the flower garden. Rabbits can eat buds, stems and small branches. The rabbits can eat the tender plants and immature trees. When the opossums have made their home in your Colorado Springs yard, they can get in the trashcan and spread the trash around the place. Other animals that can destroy gardens are raccoons, feral cats and deer.

These are just a few examples of the common Colorado animals that are known to destroy gardens. If you are a gardener, these animals will be at the top of your enemy list. If you are aware of which animals to be wary of, you can put prevention methods in place in order to deter these animals and avoid the damage that they will most certainly cause. As you can tell by the descriptions of the damage these Colorado Springs animals are known to cause, this is a serious matter that should be handled proactively. Keep a watchful eye out for these animals and be ready to act.

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